Every year, from March to October, a romantic river cruise among the Venetian Villas of the Riviera del Brenta, from Padua to Venice or the other way round, a trip through art and history on the way followed by the ancient Venetian Burchiello in the 1700's.

Departures from Padua (8.00):
Wednesday Friday / Saturday Sunday
Departures from Venice (9.00):
Tuesday Thursday Saturday.

Il Burchiello - River Cruise between Venice and Padua amongst Venetian Villas

The full-day experience (Padua > Venice or Venice > Padua) includes:

Spunta verde  Full-day cruise onboard a motorvessel Il Burchiello;

Spunta verde  Explanations by professional guides;

Spunta verde  Guided tour to Villa Pisani Reale in Stra;

Spunta verde  Guided tour to Villa Widmann in Mira;

Spunta verde  Guided tour to Villa Foscari in Malcontenta;

Spunta verde  Departure and arrival in the city centre of Padua (Porta Portello) and Venice (San Marco).

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 +39 049 8760233!

NOTA BENE: cruises will be operated by M/v BurchielloM/v Burchiellino and M/v Rialto:
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